A curated ncRNAomics knowledgebase for bridging basic and clinical research in eye diseases.

Introduction for Nc2Eye

Eye diseases (EDs) represent the disorders affecting visual system, such as retinoblastoma, diabetic retinopathy, etc. Non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs), as a large category of functional RNA molecules, have been reported to play a crucial role in EDs. Here, we developed the Nc2Eye database, which contains 7088 experimentally validated ncRNA-ED associations. It covers 4363 ncRNAs involved in 104 kinds of EDs across 8 species through a comprehensive review of more than 2400 published papers. Nc2Eye also gathered 91 high-throughput transcriptome datasets in EDs and normal controls.

What can users do in Nc2Eye

  • Browse the experimentally supported ncRNA-ED association data;
  • Search ncRNA-ED associations by ncRNA/species/disease;
  • Retrieve high-throughput transcriptome datasets in EDs and normal controls;
  • Download all experimentally supported ncRNA-ED association data;
  • Submit novel entries into the Nc2Eye database;
  • Help material to get a better usage of Nc2Eye.

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  • miRNA-associated entries: 4776
  • lncRNA-associated entries: 1147
  • circRNA-associated entries: 483
  • siRNA-associated entries: 538
  • shRNA-associated entries: 119
  • other ncRNAs-associated entries: 25

total entries: 7088

  • Number of eye diseases : 104
  • Number of ncRNAs : 4363
  • Number of species : 8
  • Number of drug-associated ncRNAs : 132

Contact us

When you have any questions or problems about using Nc2Eye, please email: chenhao@mail.eye.ac.cn or zyan0626@wmu.edu.cn.

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