A curated ncRNAomics knowledgebase for bridging basic and clinical research in eye diseases.

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  1. You need to fill in at least one input box as search keyword but not every input box is required.
  2. For 'ncRNA name', you can use official gene symbol such as 'hsa-miR-15a-5p' or 'MALAT1'.
  3. Enter the Ensembl keyword in the ncRNA name input box to search for ncRNAs such as lncRNA, snoRNA and snRNA. The search results will also display ID, Ensembl and Synonyms.
  4. For 'Disease name', you can use a keyword such as 'age-related macular degeneration'. Simple fuzzy query is also supported such as 'AMD' or 'macular'.
  5. If you have selected any items under the Advanced Filter, please click the Search button again.
  6. Use NCBI Gene / miRBase / MeSH / Ensembl to normalize your input information.

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