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Detail of uveal melanoma (UM)
ncRNA name PKCε shRNA
ncRNA Category shRNA
Disease name uveal melanoma (UM)
Species Homo sapiens
Tissues/Cell_line UM cell lines Mel202, Omm1.3 and C918
Methods shRNA knockdown, MTS proliferation assay
Expression pattern associated
Functional description Expression of PKCβ, PKCθ or PKCε shRNA significantly decreased viability of Mel202 and Omm1.3 cells (Figure 8D). A reduction in viability was also seen in C918 cells expressing shRNA of PKCβ, PKCε or PKCθ and in Mel285 cells expressing PKCβ or PKCθ.
PubMed ID 22253748
Year 2012
Title The protein kinase C inhibitor enzastaurin exhibits antitumor activity against uveal melanoma.
Drug-related ncRNA NA

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