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Detail of stromal keratitis
ncRNA name mmu-miR-155
ncRNA Category miRNA
Disease name stromal keratitis
Species Mus musculus
Tissues/Cell_line corneas, cervical draining lymph nodes, spleen
Methods flow cytometry, qRT-PCR
Expression pattern up-regulated
Functional description Mir155 expression was up-regulated after ocular herpes simplex virus 1 infection, with the increased Mir155 expression occurring mainly in macrophages and CD4(+) T cells and to a lesser extent in neutrophils. In vivo studies indicated that Mir155 knockout mice were more resistant to herpes SK.
PubMed ID 25700796
Year 2015
Title Role of miR-155 in the pathogenesis of herpetic stromal keratitis.
Drug-related ncRNA NO

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