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Detail of stromal keratitis
ncRNA name mmu-miR-132
ncRNA Category miRNA
Disease name stromal keratitis
Species Mus musculus
Tissues/Cell_line corneas
Methods HSV infection, flow cytometric, qRT-PCR
Expression pattern down-regulated
Functional description In this study, we examined the effect of AT-RvD1 on miRNA-155, miRNA-132, and miR-223, which are known to participate in the pathogenesis of SK and EAE. Topical AT-RvD1 administration (started 6 d pi) reduced miR-132 expression in the infected corneas by 4-fold.
PubMed ID 28584076
Year 2017
Title Frontline Science: Aspirin-triggered resolvin D1 controls herpes simplex virus-induced corneal immunopathology.
Drug-related ncRNA YES (AT-RvD1)

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