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Detail of retinal detachment
ncRNA name Cyld shRNA
ncRNA Category shRNA
Disease name retinal detachment
Species Rattus norvegicus
Tissues/Cell_line retinas
Methods shRNA injection, H&E staining, fluorescence detection, PI staining, ERG, immunoprecipitation, Western blot
Expression pattern associated
Functional description Knockdown of cylindromatosis expression led to inhibition of caspase 8 activity, a decrease in the number of apoptotic photoreceptor cells, and an increase in the ubiquitination level of receptor-interacting protein 1.
PubMed ID 28633009
Year 2017
Title RNA Interference Reveals the Coregulatory Effects of Cylindromatosis on Apoptosis and Necroptosis of Photoreceptor Cells in Experimental Retinal Detachment.
Drug-related ncRNA NA

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