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Detail of pediatric uveitis
ncRNA name hsa-miR-146a
ncRNA Category miRNA
Disease name pediatric uveitis
Species Homo sapiens
Tissues/Cell_line blood
Methods PCR-RFLP, qPCR
Expression pattern associated
Functional description Two SNPs (miR-146a/rs2910164 and ets-1/rs10893872) were associated with pediatric uveitis in this study. The SNP rs2910164 GG genotype and G/C allele were also associated with the presence of microvascular leakage as detected by fundus fluorescein angiography in pediatric uveitis.
PubMed ID 24658012
Year 2014
Title MicroRNA-146a and Ets-1 gene polymorphisms are associated with pediatric uveitis.
Drug-related ncRNA NO

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