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Detail of myopia
ncRNA name hsa-miR-328
ncRNA Category miRNA
Disease name myopia
Species Homo sapiens
Tissues/Cell_line human RPE cell line ARPE-19
Methods immunocytochemistry, transfection, WST-1 assay, EdU proliferation assay, qPCR, Western blot
Expression pattern up-regulated
Functional description Over-expression of miR-328 is a risk for myopia. miR-328 dose-dependently increased HOXA9 expression in ARPE-19 and mouse primary RPE cells. Based on the human, animal and cellular data, the transcription factor HOXA9 may promote the expression of pro-myopia genes and RPE proliferation, which eventually contribute to myopia development.
PubMed ID 30674274
Year 2019
Title HOXA9 is a novel myopia risk gene.
Drug-related ncRNA NO

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