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Detail of glaucoma
ncRNA name rno-miR-93-5p
ncRNA Category miRNA
Disease name glaucoma
Species Rattus norvegicus
Tissues/Cell_line retinas
Methods qRT-PCR, Western blot, luciferase reporter assay
Expression pattern down-regulated
Functional description The level of miR-93-5p was down-regulated and the levels of autophagy-related protein were up-regulated in the rat retina after intravitreous injection of NMDA. Up-regulation of miR-93-5p binding with PTEN suppressed the autophagy of RGCs through AKT/mTOR pathway in NMDA-induced glaucoma.
PubMed ID 29421576
Year 2018
Title MiR-93-5p targeting PTEN regulates the NMDA-induced autophagy of retinal ganglion cells via AKT/mTOR pathway in glaucoma
Drug-related ncRNA NO

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