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Detail of glaucoma
ncRNA name RhoA siRNA
ncRNA Category siRNA
Disease name glaucoma
Species Rattus norvegicus
Tissues/Cell_line retinas
Methods siRNA injection, qRT-PCR, immunohistochemistry
Expression pattern associated
Functional description TGF-β caused increased TM contractile proteins and IOP spikes by day 7, sustained increases in IOP from day 15, and TM fibrosis at day 35. siRhoA abolished the transient 7 day IOP rise but not the later sustained IOP increase (due to fibrosis). At 35 days, TGF-β-related RGC loss was not prevented with siRhoA treatment.
PubMed ID 30429640
Year 2018
Title TGF-β-induced IOP elevations are mediated by RhoA in the early but not the late fibrotic phase of open angle glaucoma.
Drug-related ncRNA NO

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