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Detail of diabetic retinopathy (DR)
ncRNA name mmu-miR-381-3p
ncRNA Category miRNA
Disease name diabetic retinopathy (DR)
Species Mus musculus
Tissues/Cell_line serum, retinas
Methods qPCR, Western blot, ELISA, immunohistochemistry
Expression pattern up-regulated
Functional description Serum and retina of diabetic mice bear eight dysregulated miRNAs, that modify the expression of VEGF, BDNF, PPAR-α and CREB1, before vasculopathy in diabetic retina.
PubMed ID 30883703
Year 2019
Title Retinal and circulating miRNA expression patterns in diabetic retinopathy: an in silico and in vivo approach.
Drug-related ncRNA NO

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