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Detail of diabetic retinopathy (DR)
ncRNA name CTGF siRNA
ncRNA Category siRNA
Disease name diabetic retinopathy (DR)
Species Rattus norvegicus
Tissues/Cell_line retinas
Methods siRNA injection, RT-PCR, Western blot, immunohistochemistry, TUNEL assay
Expression pattern associated
Functional description SiRNA-mediated inhibition of CTGF mRNA inhibited retinal VEGF and TGF-β(2) and also resulted in a significant decrease in apoptosis.
PubMed ID 20039857
Year 2010
Title The role of CTGF in the diabetic rat retina and its relationship with VEGF and TGF-β(2) , elucidated by treatment with CTGFsiRNA.
Drug-related ncRNA NO

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