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Detail of diabetic retinopathy (DR)
ncRNA Category lncRNA
ID 400550
Ensembl ENSG00000268388
Synonyms FOXF1-AS1, lincFOXF1, onco-lncRNA-21
Disease name diabetic retinopathy (DR)
Species Homo sapiens
Tissues/Cell_line blood; human retinal endothelial cells (HRECs)
Methods ELISA, qRT-PCR, Western blot, transfection, CCK-8 assay, transwell assay, tube formation assay
Expression pattern up-regulated
Functional description LncRNA FENDRR promotes the high-glucose-induced proliferation and angiogenesis of HRECs and may serve as a potential target for anti-angiogenic therapy for DR.
PubMed ID 30700211
Year 2019
Title LncRNA FENDRR promotes high-glucose-induced proliferation and angiogenesis of human retinal endothelial cells.
Drug-related ncRNA NO

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