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Detail of cataract
ncRNA name Slug siRNA
ncRNA Category siRNA
Disease name cataract
Species Homo sapiens
Tissues/Cell_line human lens epithelial cell lines HLE-B3
Methods luciferase reporter assay, siRNA transfection, qPCR, RT-PCR, immunostaining, immunoblot, chromatin immunoprecipitation
Expression pattern associated
Functional description TGFβ1 induces Slug expression and that the repression of E-cadherin production by TGFβ1 is mediated by the induction of Slug in lens epithelial cells. The TGFβ1-mediated repression of E-cadherin was significantly inhibited by Slug siRNA.
PubMed ID 17525203
Year 2007
Title Transforming growth factor-beta1 represses E-cadherin production via slug expression in lens epithelial cells.
Drug-related ncRNA NO

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