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Detail of autoimmune uveitis
ncRNA Category siRNA
Disease name autoimmune uveitis
Species Mus musculus
Tissues/Cell_line RPE cells
Methods flow cytometry, ELISA, microarray, qRT-PCR, siRNA transfection
Expression pattern associated
Functional description Our data support the hypothesis that RPE cells produce RA, thereby enabling bystander T cells to be converted into Tregs through TGFβ promotion, which can then participate in the establishment of immune tolerance in the eye. RA receptor antagonist-pretreated or RA-binding protein-siRNA-transfected RPE cells failed to convert CD4(+) T cells into Tregs.
PubMed ID 22116001
Year 2012
Title Retinoic acid from retinal pigment epithelium induces T regulatory cells.
Drug-related ncRNA NO

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