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Detail of age-related cataract
ncRNA name rno-miR-29c
ncRNA Category miRNA
Disease name age-related cataract
Species Rattus norvegicus
Tissues/Cell_line lens; lens epithelial cells (LECs)
Methods microarray, qRT-PCR, transfection, protein blot, luciferase reporter assay
Expression pattern up-regulated
Functional description The cytoskeleton remodelling genes tropomyosin (Tm) 1α and 2β, which have been implicated in the initiation of pathophysiology, were targets of miR29c and were over-stimulated as demonstrated by inhibitor experiments. In transfection experiments, increasing the level of miR29c caused a corresponding decrease in the expression of Tm1α and 2β, suggesting that miR29c may regulate the translation of Tm1α and 2β.
PubMed ID 23844765
Year 2013
Title Dynamic and differential regulation in the microRNA expression in the developing and mature cataractous rat lens.
Drug-related ncRNA NO

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